Bosun’s Song

Music and lyrics by Craig Nybo

Are the chasers locked? YEA!
Are the hatches down? YEA!
Are the bilge pumps pumping bilge back to the sea? YEA!
Is the jib belayed? YEA!
Is the capstan drawn? YEA!
Are the bollard fastened tight about the cleats? YEA

Yo, ho, the bosun calls, look lively on the spar deck.
Any lubber will be bound and thrown out in the sea.
Yo, ho, the bosun calls, all hands clap on the rigging.
Any lubber will be bound and keel-dragged underneath.

Are the batons checked? YEA!
Is the coxswain set? YEA!
Are the outhauls taught to fill the canvas now? NOW!
Is the dogwatch on? YEA!
Is she steady now? YEA!
Set a south-by-south-west tack for open haul. YEA!

(Guitar Solo)
(Chorus x2)

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