Act II: The Fall of Halmstad

Music by Larry Nybo, lyrics by Craig Nybo

A haze of hoary mist had settled over the inky waters of the Kattegat. Three-quarters of the crew, swarthy with the rub of soot and powder, stood along the port railings of the Black betty, their eyes sharp, their breath billowing like plumes into the cool, unseasonable August eve. Each man stood poised for the flash of cannons and the ammonia scent of charred powder to come. The bawdy Captain Stark had issued a detachment of his stealthiest men to set Halmstad ablaze.

When the flames finally came, the crew of The Black Betty bated from howling their delight into the thick, ebody night.

“Fire at will.” Stark said almost under his breath to Jax, his lieutenant. The order was shouted down through criss-crossed ports into the gun-cdeck and, at long last, The Black Betty released her hell.

The fires of Halmstad danced on the horizon as cannonade after cannonade arched over the Kattegat to crumble house and barn and church and silo. The looting of Halmstad had begun.

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