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Appeal to your audience’s inner pirate

Give your audience a slam-bangin’ pirate fest!

Pirate themed rock dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century

Demo Songs by Rustmonster:

cell – (801)309-3353
day – (801)544-8989
email –

Check out these reviews:

“These guys launched our show into the piratical stratosphere!”
-The GANGRENE Film Festival

“We loved this band. We used them all summer long and the audience got bigger every week!”
-The Davis Arts Council

“In my mind, Rustmonster has secured itself a place amongst the highest echelon of pirate-themed non-traditional artists”

“…prepar fer a jurney that’l curl yer toes and blow ye down!
Batten down the mizzen, we be in fer a jolly voyage wit this one we be!
A series of story tellin put ta song, that what this one be!”
-Jeff Madl

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