Nate Peck – Concertina, Vocals


As an entertainer, writer, animator, and director, Nate has produced a book of work to be envied by the greats. His innovation and creative spirit has inspired many to rethink their creative ventures and add a fresh perspective to their art. As a musician, he lead such bands as Arrowsmite, The Dweedles, Guns and Posies, and Blink 183. As a younger producer, he wrote and directed a series of highly successful animated movies. “My first animated short was Steamboat Billy.” Says Nate, “It was an instant success. I knew I could do more, so I hired a team to produce a feature length animated movie. You might recognize it, it’s called Slow White.” He went on to produce Fantasium, The Fox and the Ham, The Hunchback of Notre Dance and many others. As a writer, he is credited with writing the Larry Potter books, a series that tracks a young wizard through his schooldays at a fantasy school called Bogwarts. He hopes to use the music of RustMonster as part of the soundtrack for his upcoming movie, THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBEANER.

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