Pirate Rock Band Crosses Swords with Bigfoot Band at Late October Event

by Craig Nybo ~ October 3, 2011

Kaysville, UT, October 3 – Veteran Pirate Rock Band Rustmonster has decided to go head to head against Wasasquatch, a band of Bigfoots, in a musical duel for the Halloween season. The Pirates vs. Bigfoots event aims to be a family friendly Halloween party with high appeal for kids.

“There are some that would claim that Bigfoots are the pirates of the forest,” said Captain Blackbone of the Rustmonster Pirate Band. “That couldn’t be further than the truth. Bigfoots be the mermaids of the forests. We say let them come after us with their furry feet and hickory sticks. We’ll see how they do against matchlocks and steel.”

Rustmonster also brings along with them an ally in all things pirate. Bilgemunky, a mogul in modern pirate music and pop culture, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has agreed to fly out for the event. Bilgemunky.com has become the Internet go-to place for all things pirate, including pirate-related music, movies, and rum reviews.

Bilgemunky also broadcasts his weekly pirate music radio show every Monday evening. Fans can listen in live through Bilgemunky.com or subscribe to the Bilgemunky podcast through iTunes.

Gangrene Productions and The Complex, promoters of Pirates vs. Bigfoots, hopes for this event to become the first in a yearly tradition of family friendly Halloween season events. “There’s plenty of Halloween activities for adults in Utah,” says Ben Fuller, event promoter. “But there isn’t a lot for families. We want to build a family safe event where kids can come and have a blast without being scared to death.”

Along with live music from the Rustmonster Pirate Band and Wasasquatch, families will also be invited to participate in other activities such as a costume contest, face painting, coloring contests, fishing ponds, and roving entertainers. Pirates vs. Bigfoots will be held at The Complex (536 West 100 South, Salt Lake City). Gates will open at 5PM with the show beginning at 6PM. Advance tickets are now available through SmithTix at $8 for adults and $5 for kids between 3 and 12.
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