Bilgemunky to visit Salt Lake City and Perform with RUSTMONSTER

by Craig Nybo ~ September 28, 2011

During preparation for our big Pirates VS. Bigfoots show on October 29th, we got talking. What if we asked Bilgemunky, the foremost authority on modern pirate music to come out to our town for the show. Even more, what if we asked Ol’ Bilge to get up on stage with us and perform The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor? To make the long story short, we contacted Bilge and he has agreed, to our delight, to come out for the show.

Bilgemunky continues to do much for musicians who compose pirate themed music of any genre. His wit and musical selections, featured on his podcast, continue to delight pirate fans around the world. As a band who frequently writes pirate themed music, we felt inviting him out for our show and getting him up on the stage would be a great way to thank him for all that he has done over the years for us and for other independent pirate themed bands.

The Pirates VS. Bigfoots Grudge Match of the Ages Show is a family friendly Halloween bash. It will begin early in the evening.

There will also be:
Face painters
A costume contest
and much more.

Join Rustmonster/Wasasquatch for an evening of Halloween fun.

October 29th
at The Complex, located at 536 West 100 South, Salt Lake City, UT
Door opens at 5:00. Rustmonster hits the stage at 6 and will play until around 8:30.

Find out more about Rustmonster on their facebook fan page.

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