Entries from April 2011

Craig Nybo Launches Zombie Music Project

April 28, 2011

Craig Nybo, Rustmonster bass player, has launched a new musical project entitled “Zombie Sing-a-long.” This project is meant to be a collaboration between him and his friends. Unlike Rustmonster, Zombie Sing-a-long (ZSAL) takes on a stripped down approach to songwriting. Craig has decided on a no overdubbing rule, which leaved the music in it’s rarest [...]

Rustmonster Update

April 14, 2011

Greetings fellow pirates,
Just wanted to update you all on the progress of the band. Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily delay the third album in our book of pirate tales. We will be getting back to the project later this year.
In the meantime, we have taken a bit of a detour. We are working [...]