The RUSTMONSTER Philosophy on Gigging

by Craig Nybo ~ April 12, 2010

If you build a big, enthusiastic audience, RUSTMONSTER will come.

Gigging, for most bands, is the coup de grace when it comes to artistic expression. There is no better feeling than getting up in front of good audience—whether it be 50 or 5,000 fans—and playing music that they respond to with smiles, applause, and (best of all) dancing.

The unfortunate truth is, most gigs, for young bands, fall on deaf ears. Most members of Rustmonster have played together for over a decade and have had their share of good and bad gigs. In an earlier venture called Funk Toast, the band was aggressive about playing for any audience, anywhere, any time. This translated into many stale gigs where audiences didn’t respond enthusiastically to the music. In some cases, the audiences were too small to even be concerned with the fact that a band was playing. A good friend once stated this rule: If there are more members of the audience than band members, we will play. While this is bleak, it also rings true.

With a history of great gigs and many pockmarks of not-so-great gigs, Rustmonster has ratcheted their gigging schedule back to about 3-4 gigs a year. They seek lively and sizeable audiences more so than big paying gigs. This has lessened the work aspect of gigs and given Rustmonster, a band centered on fun first and foremost, a more pleasurable gigging experience.

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