A Request from a Fan

by Craig Nybo ~ February 19, 2010

We just got a note from Bilgemunky. One of his fans wrote the following:

I’ve been wondering two things in regards to the brilliant bunch o’ blaggards what call themselves Rust Monster. First: when can we expect to hear the much-anticipated project wherein they collaborated with none other than the great Munky o’ Bilge himself? And second: is there anywhere a pirate might get his hands on an MP3 of their song “Overture?” I’ve been dying to add it to me collection.

-Captain Jack McCool

First off, we write and record music that we like. It is always a compliment, and a bit of a surprise, when somebody actually likes it. To Captain Jack McCool, we say thank you.

Regarding Captain Jack’s second question:

Captain Jack, you asked for it, here it is. You can download our song, Overature, by clicking on this link: pirate music, Rustmonster Overature.

As a side note, this song was used to back up a band of breakdancing pirates at The Gangrene Film Festival: Pieces of 8.

You can actually watch the breakdancing pirate act in the video below.

Now to Captain Jack’s first question:

Bilgemunky’s song, Battlecry of the Preemptive Revengence, is written. It was an instant band favorite. We play the crap out of it and love it. We have officially added it to our live set, but we haven’t played it live yet.

We have recorded a minus track of the song. We haven’t put down horns, solos, or vocal on the song yet. Typically, we don’t like to release singles. We try to make our albums into running commentaries, almost like narrative pieces, pirate tales. We also like to reveal the big surprise by unveiling a completed project.

Unfortunately, our third pirate themed album is taking forever to record. This is due to a busier than usual gigging schedule and the fact that we have been more musically expressive in this album (but don’t worry, we still love songs like Poop Deck).

We have, to date for the 3rd album, recorded minus tracks for 7 songs. We have recorded the spoken word parts of the album. We still need to record 3 songs, put down the backtracking music for the story parts of the album, and lay down horns, vocals, and solos. We have buckled down and gotten to work on it. We want to get the album out as soon as possible.

There is a chance that we might release Battlecry as a single. But it will take some politicking from yours truly with the rest of the band. I will keep you posted.

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