Rustmonster plays Billy Barlow, a band favorite

by Craig Nybo ~ November 5, 2009

Rustmonster plays Billy Barlow at Pirate Island on October 30, 2009. This song tells the tale of Billy Barlow, how he pillages his first town, draws a crew and buys a schooner only to be intercepted by a band of rival pirates. There is much more to the story. Later, Barlow captains a second ship called The Angel’s Bane. When this ship is also sunk by rival pirates, Adam of the Altar, one of the crew stands on the bow of the ship and utters a curse over the Bible that the crew of Angel’s Bane will return for revenge.

Years later, The Angel’s Bane resurfaces, this time crewed by a mob of zombies. Rustmonster has written a song about Angel’s Bane after is is raised from the deep called Ship of Zombies. Look for a live video of this song soon.

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