Entries from November 2009

Pirate Phrases to Use as Great Name-Callers

November 30, 2009

Pirate phrases that can help you become a tougher, meaner pirate.

Pirate Phrases to Help Get You Into a Fight

November 25, 2009

Pirate phrases can be a valuable tool if you want to get into a fight. We can’t, however, recommend pirate phrases as a suitable method of getting out of a fight; that is best left up to steel, skin, and flying teeth. So we are going to recommend a few pirate phrases you can use, [...]

Team Rescue Webisode 8 (of 8) THE FINAL EPISODE

November 23, 2009

To those of you who have followed the Team Rescue web series, here is the final episode. What does this have to do with RUSTMONSTER, the pirate band? A lot. Members of RUSTMONSTER also run Gangrene Productions, the multimedia company that runs The GANGRENE Film Festival and the Gangrene Productions music label. The RUSTMONSTER guys [...]

New Photos of Rustmonster Playing at Pirate Island

November 18, 2009

Rustmonster, the pirate band, plays their pirate music at Pirate Island, an awesome venue located in Orem, UT.
The Rustmonster pirate band has been asked to return to Pirate Island some time in December (show date coming soon). Visit often for up to the minute show schedule information.
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A Healthy Pirate Workout

November 17, 2009

Follow these exercises to build mass and Spaniard-killing endurance:

1. Warmup
Cutlass Swipes
(5 minutes a hand). Use wide, sweeping motions.

2. Chest
Canon Bench Press
3 sets of 10 reps. Start with a 10-pounder bow chaser and work your way up to a 50 pounder (the type found in the gun-deck).

3. Upper back
Lanyard Pull-ups
Climb the ratlines to the [...]

Team Rescue Webisode 7 (of 8) released on Gangrene Productions Youtube Channel

November 16, 2009

The RUSTMONSTER boys do much more than just pirate music; they are film makers as well. They hose a youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/gangreneproductions where they regularly post their comedy short films. The new installment of their web series, Team Rescue has just been posted.
In this comedy web series, a group of activist scientists capture [...]

RUSTMONSTER work with Bilgemunky on a new song

November 12, 2009

Rustmonster has become good friends with the online pirate mogul, Bilgemunky (www.bilgemunky.com). RUSTMONSTER songwriter Craig Nybo and Bilgemunky have been collaborating on a new song to appear on Rustmonster’s 3rd, untitled album. The song will be called Battlecry of the Preemptive Revengeance, lyrics by Bilgemunky, music by Rustmonster.
If you haven’t checked out Bilgemunky’s site, you [...]

Craig Nybo, Rustmonster Bass Player Works on New Solo Project

November 11, 2009

Craig Nybo works on a solo album for Halloween of 2010.

Before we were Rustmonster

November 11, 2009

The current Rustmonster lineup has been together for a very long time. One of their ventures was a funk band seated in the mid to late 90’s called Funk Toast. Most of the members of Rustmonster were in this band. Even back then, they were talking about someday doing a pirate related project.
Check out the [...]

Rustmonster plays Billy Barlow, a band favorite

November 5, 2009

Rustmonster plays Billy Barlow at Pirate Island on October 30, 2009. This song tells the tale of Billy Barlow, how he pillages his first town, draws a crew and buys a schooner only to be intercepted by a band of rival pirates. There is much more to the story. Later, Barlow captains a second ship [...]