What Else Can the RUSTMONSTER Guys Do?

by Craig Nybo ~ October 29, 2009

The RUSTMONSTER boys do a lot more than write pirate music. We produce short, funny films and other music projects. Time to share.

Check out Team Rescue, an online TV series on the Gangrene Productions Youtube channel (htto://www.youtube.com/gangreneproductions).

This funny series follows a team of scientists who engage themselves in transplanting a herd of Goths from a suburban environment, back to their natural habitat.

So far, episodes 1 – 4 (of 8 ) have been posted. New episodes are posted every Monday.

Team Rescue: Webisode 1 (of 8 )

Team Rescue: Webisode 2 (of 8 )

Team Rescue: Webisode 3 (of 8 )

Team Rescue: Webisode 4 (of 8 )

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