Pirate music – a new song

by Craig Nybo ~ April 9, 2009

Greetings pirate fans,

I thought I would start posting an occasional pirate song for your enjoyment. I will add a post category for this so you can check them all out. Along with the songs, I will include a little trivia.

The first song is called Billy Barlow. This song appears on Rustmonster’s second album, The Flight of the Filthy Vicar. Like so many Rustmonster songs, this one tells a story. The main character, Billy Barlow, along with a few friends, sacks a town, buys a boat and heads out to sea, only to¬† be attacked by a rival band of pirates.

Billy Barlow and his ship, the Angel’s Bane, are also mentioned in the main story line on The Flight of the Filthy Vicar. His crew and ship goes on to play a bigger part in the last half of the story, yet to be released on Rustmonster’s next album.

The music was inspired by the modern Russian Gypsie rock sound. For influences, check out such bands as Leningrad, The Ukrainians, and The Red Elvises.


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