Rustmonster Currently Rehearsing as Funk Toast

by Craig Nybo ~ February 27, 2012

Most members of the Rustmonster Pirate Band came from a previous band entitled Funk Toast. Funk Toast has decided to throw a reunion concert and has put up a site all about it. For the most recent news about Rustmonster, visit

We eventually will get back to our pirating ways, but we are having a lot of fun playing with some old friends from this previous musical adventure.

Should you want to see Funk Toast Live, you can catch us for a 1-night only reunion concert on March 24th at the Complex in Salt Lake City as part of the SLC Nerd show.

We’d love to see you there.

Here are the details:

Saturday, March 24, 2012
2:00pm until 10:00pm

“All of the fun of a big, famous, un-named Comic Book Convention, with none of the expense, travel or boring bits.”

Produced by Gangrene productions and sponsored by mediaRif, Nightflight Comics, and The Complex.

It is going to be one big day of nerdy fun featuring the music of Rotten Musicians, Baby Ghosts, Rev Mayhem and Funktoast. Local Improv Impresario Bob Bedore is going to put together a Utah All-Star Improv troupe and they are going to present a completely original improv Sci-Fi musical.

The Utah Rocket Club is going to be there with a display of some of their most coolest high powered model rockets. We are going to have CosPlay contests, an afternoon of Open Table-Top Gaming (D&D, Magic – The Gathering, etc), and Night Flight Comics are putting together some awesome gifts and prizes as well as organizing a Silent Auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The Hello, Sweetie! Podcast will be there following the action live, while the local Real Life Superhero Team the Black Monday Society will be posing for photos with the audience.

And we are going to have local comedian/singer Jon Clark as our most awesome of hosts.

Doors and games open at 2pm/Costume Contest Judging starts at 4pm/Entertainment & Live Music starts at 6pm

(CosPlay winners announced throughout the evening.)

All Ages Show
Only $10 at the door

Get the New EP from Rustmonster for Free

by Craig Nybo ~ January 20, 2012

We know it has been a long time since you have heard any new pirate music from Rustmonster. We apologize. The band has been busy pursuing other adventures. We promise to get back to our third pirate themed album soon.

In the meantime, we present 5 new tracks and an original Rustmonster rock video to scratch the itch. This EP contains 2 original songs by Rustmonster, Overature and Guns Bacon and Rum (a song written about the intrepid Captain Bilgemunky and his unconquerable podcast).

We have also included 3 live tracks, digitally mastered, from our Pirates vs. Bigfoots show, held in October of 2011. These three tracks also feature Bilgemunky as a guest performer.

Lastly, we have included a hi-res copy of Rustmonster’s rock video, Devil’s Children.

Although you can download this EP for free, we encourage you to support the band by leaving us a small donation. We’ll leave the amount up to the dictates of your own conscience.

Good listening and we’ll see you soon.

-The Boys Of Rustmonster

Click here to download the EP.

Please donate.

Rustmonster Plays Live on Stage with Bilgemunky

by Craig Nybo ~ November 3, 2011

Rustmonster, long time fans of Bilgemunky Radio joined forces to co write the song Battle Cry of the Preemptive Revengeance. Bilgemunky provided lyrics, Rustmonster scored the music. On October 29th, 2011, Bilgemunky visited Salt Lake City, Utah to listen to his song live on stage and to perform Rustmonster’s Sheet Anchor of a Young Sea Officer and Bully in the Alley live on stage.

This video of the collaboration was captured live at the event.

First Rustmonster Rock Video – Devil’s Children

by Craig Nybo ~ October 18, 2011

Rustmonster has just put the finishing touches on their first rock video, Devil’s Children, from their album Last Voyage of the Black Betty. Rustmonster will be playing live on October 29th with Bilgemunky at the Complex in Salt Lake City, UT. They’d love to see you there. Advance tickets can be purchased at SmithTix.

Rustmonster Suites Up to Become the Wasasquatch Bigfoot Rock and Roll Experience

by Craig Nybo ~ October 10, 2011

Rusmonster fans might ask themselves, “What is next for Rustmonster?” Well, along with putting out a third pirate themed album, the band took a bit of a departure for The Gangrene Film Festival: Size 12, held on September 2nd, 2011. They took off their tricorns and put on their furry suits to become Wasasquatch, the only all Bigfoot band in the world, that we know about. In this video, they cover the immortal Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.

Rustmonster will be donning the fur one more time at the big Pirates vs. Bigfoots show on October 29th at the Complex in Salt Lake City. Advance tickets are now available from SmithTix.

Pirate Rock Band Crosses Swords with Bigfoot Band at Late October Event

by Craig Nybo ~ October 3, 2011

Kaysville, UT, October 3 – Veteran Pirate Rock Band Rustmonster has decided to go head to head against Wasasquatch, a band of Bigfoots, in a musical duel for the Halloween season. The Pirates vs. Bigfoots event aims to be a family friendly Halloween party with high appeal for kids.

“There are some that would claim that Bigfoots are the pirates of the forest,” said Captain Blackbone of the Rustmonster Pirate Band. “That couldn’t be further than the truth. Bigfoots be the mermaids of the forests. We say let them come after us with their furry feet and hickory sticks. We’ll see how they do against matchlocks and steel.”

Rustmonster also brings along with them an ally in all things pirate. Bilgemunky, a mogul in modern pirate music and pop culture, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has agreed to fly out for the event. has become the Internet go-to place for all things pirate, including pirate-related music, movies, and rum reviews.

Bilgemunky also broadcasts his weekly pirate music radio show every Monday evening. Fans can listen in live through or subscribe to the Bilgemunky podcast through iTunes.

Gangrene Productions and The Complex, promoters of Pirates vs. Bigfoots, hopes for this event to become the first in a yearly tradition of family friendly Halloween season events. “There’s plenty of Halloween activities for adults in Utah,” says Ben Fuller, event promoter. “But there isn’t a lot for families. We want to build a family safe event where kids can come and have a blast without being scared to death.”

Along with live music from the Rustmonster Pirate Band and Wasasquatch, families will also be invited to participate in other activities such as a costume contest, face painting, coloring contests, fishing ponds, and roving entertainers. Pirates vs. Bigfoots will be held at The Complex (536 West 100 South, Salt Lake City). Gates will open at 5PM with the show beginning at 6PM. Advance tickets are now available through SmithTix at $8 for adults and $5 for kids between 3 and 12.
EDITORS: For press kits, or interview requests, contact:
Craig Nybo, Publicity Coordinator
Cell: (801)309-3353

Pirates vs. Bigfoots: The Grudge Match of the Ages

by Craig Nybo ~ September 30, 2011

If you have never seen Rustmonster, this is the show not to miss.

Date: Saturday October 29th

Place: The Complex, 536 West 100 South, Salt Lake City

Time: Doors open at 5PM. Show starts at 6PM.

Cost: $8 for adults $5 for kids 3 to 12. Kids 2 and under get in free.

See Rustmonster  play across from the worlds greatest bigfoot band, Wasasquatch, in a musical grudge match of sea dogs verses monsters. With Special Guest Bilgemunky of, world authority on modern pirate music and pop culture, and other attractions such as face painting, a costume contest, roving entertainers, and fun booths, this event will be a fun Halloween bash for the whole family.

Become a RUSTMONSTER Facebook Fan and get to know the band personally.

Bilgemunky to visit Salt Lake City and Perform with RUSTMONSTER

by Craig Nybo ~ September 28, 2011

During preparation for our big Pirates VS. Bigfoots show on October 29th, we got talking. What if we asked Bilgemunky, the foremost authority on modern pirate music to come out to our town for the show. Even more, what if we asked Ol’ Bilge to get up on stage with us and perform The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor? To make the long story short, we contacted Bilge and he has agreed, to our delight, to come out for the show.

Bilgemunky continues to do much for musicians who compose pirate themed music of any genre. His wit and musical selections, featured on his podcast, continue to delight pirate fans around the world. As a band who frequently writes pirate themed music, we felt inviting him out for our show and getting him up on the stage would be a great way to thank him for all that he has done over the years for us and for other independent pirate themed bands.

The Pirates VS. Bigfoots Grudge Match of the Ages Show is a family friendly Halloween bash. It will begin early in the evening.

There will also be:
Face painters
A costume contest
and much more.

Join Rustmonster/Wasasquatch for an evening of Halloween fun.

October 29th
at The Complex, located at 536 West 100 South, Salt Lake City, UT
Door opens at 5:00. Rustmonster hits the stage at 6 and will play until around 8:30.

Find out more about Rustmonster on their facebook fan page.

Kieth Moon Joins Rustmonster

by Craig Nybo ~ September 22, 2011

We are excited to welcome Kieth Moon to Rustmonster. Kieth is an old friend who played with us many years ago. Now he’s back. Actually, he’s been playing with us for about 8 months now, rehearsing the Wasasquatch show.

Last night, we worked the pirate set for our October 29th, PIRATES VS. SASQUATACH: The Grudge Match of the Ages show. Kieth will be playing kit, as well as auxiliary percussion on the pirate set. This is great because it frees Larry up to play more accordion, keyboards, t-bone, and auxiliary percussion. Kieth has really upped the NOS in the music. We hope to see you on October 29th where we think you will agree.

RUSTMONSTER to Play as Wasasquatch on Television Morning Show

by Craig Nybo ~ August 17, 2011

For those of you who live in Utah, you can catch the band live on the KUTV (Channel 2) Early Show on Thursday, September 1st, the day before the Gangrene Film Festival, when they are slated to play a live concert as Wasasquatch.

The Early Show starts at 7:00am and broadcasts on KUTV channel 2.